Boom the power of my beds drift

The look of my beds drift

was just the thought of a crazy erotic

Speed to make me drive completely   down in that sexy fine chocolate man’s  sheets

Spreading each creased around his feet

Spreading my cheeks up down and between the sheets

Smacking my plump big twin muffins straight in a position  to fall slam to sleep

But see i creeped and slammed my wet juicy swirty sweet pussy  and on top of he

Splash my erotic  juices down the center of his volcano

making it slip and slide and grip tightly inside

Dam he had Me in a delusional state of mind

Twisting with crazy erotic turns of a tornado that didn’t want to get free

Sweating and gripping my lips with his dick

Swerving my tongue down the back of his thick  but easy  stick

with my lip on the canal of his dick

with my tongue serving his ass with a swerve so smoove on top of the tip of his sensitive dick

Smashing his dick  with erotic pleasure

Of a sparking fast but slow down fish

The sound of a fish  trying to get free

Swishing and swooping and swimming  like he a bird just got set free

flying fast and free

From the  twist of my turn

And the fire in my lightening

had him speaking in triple doubles

and preaching  my name in seconds1475273910553



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