The hilarious thrill of the drift of my ride

Come drift your ride in the support of an angel. Who just wanted to be free to spread the wings. Of a drift so powerful .

Only the make believe will understand .To stare in a position of thought

I’m dreaming of a place so big and wonderful my ride start drifting off from the crazy and erotic look of excitement that’s going to drive me into confusion and have me in imaginary thoughts.

It was just one crazy thought of the Phychiogical crazy terrific but splitiful mind.

It was Just a thought I say .

It was just a thought

Just one crazy vision of a sleepy eyes that was secluded from one drift of his stick shift of a conclusion

Of turns of his wicked but terrific body flipping in every direction except the one that he forgot was the creator of a crazy bipolar spitting swift

From the liquids that spit out the crazy delusion volcanoes that wants to erupted as soon as that crooked eye lay a glimpse of his horse power looking ass at me.

Puzzled with no concerned of how. I’m about to take his drift stick on a ride so powerful even the dead is gonna feel the shake of the unbelieve

That would put me in that one position that’s gonna make me drift with big giant drips in conclusions of a feel that could’ve drove me free

As my 5″11 463 pound black bueuty with the thought of just being straight rude to me with sexual disrespectful pleasures.

Drift my ass in a position

To jack my waist up from behind me. Spreading my big wide loaded ass with long big chicken legs.

Straight from in the back of me twisting my big legs in the way I couldn’t began to believe .Sexy than a big turkey grabbing his big wings around me .

Just peek your head down in the position of driving .

Up side down in the bottom of my gas tank. Like your doing a hand stand for the write stand up.

Head award

But the thought of my thunder confused me in a way my fat ass. Didn’t even see coming .

The thrill I thought was going to drive me straight into a ditch drove me pass a couple of bad but exciting ones.

The ones that makes you drool with unstoppable spit splashing thoughts from your unbelievable lips.

Umm look like the erotic pleasures have drown your stick so hard

And thick with the width bigger than my own fist. Scared the shit out me.

Because in reality. I had one big as looking fist. That I didn’t want you to even see.

To see your gifted with a stick shift that so thick with so much length

Have drove my mind straight over a cliff without a passing stop.

Of a brake with a car with no shift

Just one position

The hilarious thrill of the drift of my ride

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