If only the fathers touch can reach the ✋ of its children

Standing in the mist of these 4 crazy ass looking wall.

Im struggled in my mind to face every unthoughtful thought of my pass.

The one that puts this picture 📷 in the shuffle of its self.

You know that picture in life was suppose to be the golden rule.

Of every kings journeys ride in your mind to touch the hands of your child

Make it your paradise your palace and its your 🏡

See its easy to pretend not to be a man and the head of your own 🏰

Being rooted in the eyes of God in forbidden blood you better go find your bloodlines

Our kids leaking in the swamps of the streets drowning in the swamp waters

By the illusions of these fucking streets

But bound to face the disgrace of another.

The 👀 that our kids see suppose to be of happiness and joy

Mans thank God choices was never an option

Failure as a single mommy couldn’t have been my option.

Our kids are drowning and asking to be saved

Every king its ⏰ to step in.

Family 👪saved 👪 and kings 👨 in a house hold brings change 👪

Bring our kids off the streets if only you reach just a little bit closer for just a little of his touch

Those eyes that you 👀 is yours that was you in the closest slamming his mom legs up and down the wall.

Like it was your spider 🕷 🕸 and you was crawling all in it or should i say tangled a 👶was caught tangled in the mist of yall spitiing 🕸 s on each others paradise

So reach your ✋ and gra

Unfortunately wasn’t your own

Written by Author eloise ksimmons

Published by Kg-sexcastelocash ORIGINAL BLOGSPOT

Blogger, Author,Editor,Poet,BLOGGER Broadcaster,YouTuber ,sing on #starmaker , #and smule Administrator

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