When loves strikes of a time of death brings destruction if not understanding death

To ride my thoughts in a time of my most deepest hurt with pain

Of a scar that’s unbearable with pain

Pain that I never seen coming

The scratch of a hurt

filled with pain

Of a mystery of why

My heart aches to i feel no hope left to stand

Riding my thoughts these days is nothing but sorrows with lots of pain

When love is received or giving

It can seem real but be a illusion

To your own thoughts of why at a time like this love is challenged

Love is a special place that’s stored in a secret place so you try to protect it

By any sickening thoughts

Without no justifications of why

The grave yard shift workers have been shuffling there time in overtime these


Struggling from another pain that shouldn’t be in existence at a time like

With the pain already in my life

Of a scar from the pain of my sons death

Everyone should of understood my mind wasnt me

It tortures my mind my babies death the sweet aroma of a breed ill never be

able to see again

That hurts

The swiftness if his sweet smile

Has been turned to molding still this day no word they only ask me my name

When love is built in a way of hurt no that anything that hurt did it wasn’t

about me hurt set in and love has been tampered with destruction of

corrupting a life that once was here

That can no longer see his kids smile again now his mom smile and heart has

been broking in ways only a second love can repair when he was here he

ask you to take care of me you say i got her she in good hands at all state dont

let him down off the broken hurt if my babies death his life called love if his

smile has already been robbed and stolen forever

Death hurts but when you loving and death breaks it down it crumbles your

soul in a way that no one understands unto you face with a creation that looks like you. but who really cares everyone proved to me they think its easy that I don’t suppose to hurt or call his name no its hard is hell

Understanding the pain of death

Death today is a project of the hoods it seem

The creation of a battle field to see who name pops the most

How many Instagram and Facebook fights it can be

Seems like all our family gatherings has been nothing but family crying

And shopping for funerals

Of another sister or brother dead

how sad to be brain wash in the illusions to kill your own dam sister or

brother but everyone keep saying what am I your brothers keeper

The world so crooked you wouldnt know if your brother is your own

keeper the way the tunnels of eruptions of the crooked eye staring

Write in the mirror with you and

Sometimes its hard to identify who truly staring you cross eyed in the back

When everyone looks identically

And never able to identify who crooked to thee end so the pain that strikes my

head no mom wants to experience that

The pain of loosing a child or family member

The erupt of a eruption be so scattered only

GOD CAN PICK US UP Because understanding the pain of death

scattered every thought of your string that make your tools operate they

interrupted by pain

Put them guns down yall hurting families

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