No mom wants to cry

Gasping in my sleep with thoughts of a voice im very familiar with

The voice of my own seed

I heard him cry a whisper that said ma im free

From worries of a image it was the make believe of a image of God

Whispering to Joseph that’s deep

The sound of a whisper of an Angel so clear write wipe your tears

Im soaring my wings pass you made me drop my book

Knowing my dream tells me jojo is starting to swift his wings pass

With a touch of his breeze

Mama whisper that smile has Been took. From me he say no im heart and

he touch my heart and said no ma im here forever

I never cried river from just touch of my babies whisper of his breeze

See a image of a creation of mines laying

I wont even say

The pain becomes unbearable and you need someone touching hand

God has spoken when you laid there why I spoke in tongue for the first time I knew

GOD CALLED YOU HOME 1-3-2021 the day ill never forget apart of me was

took forever the laughter that creates visions when he smile that never be

seen again the look in a childs eye it cracked her smile

Mother wants to cry

The beat of my heart beat has been stolen

The rhythm of my music has been interrupted by a intruder thats unknown to me

The one that created a vision in my mind forever on the date of 1-3-2021

The times of a call i will never forget

The vision of my mind of my twin vision of his soul has been

robbed away from his mom dad and family

How do a person think about that

He was the soul of my my music that come from the inner of the creator of

his soul that music was built from me

that I created of a vibration of the strings that make music of a symbol

of me my son joseph resembled a symbol of love with his smile that

lighten the world with his teeth

when my baby smile

oh my I lost my strings never believe

The hurt this cause me my smile the pain that rise any minute I never want

another family to experience the pain of your own eyes of image that built

from you your own vision

The one no one knew

The pain the pop of a nation Joseph. R Simmons name has been taken

Taken away from the beautiful soul of his momma and daughters creating images

has been took away for ever

tunes with music when the tunes has been stolen away from earth its self

how can the strings of a instrument

that’s made by my tunes be destructed by rhythms of danger in my baby eyes

someone robbed it blind when someone some stole my baby smile on 1-3-2021

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