The touch of an unreachable ✋

The touch of an untruthful rhythms of the tunes of the weakness of the center of my mind.
Struck tunes in a way that brought spark of firer to a creation of many many thoughts.
With only one crazy since of confusion.
Its called the question.
The cause of why.
By far was I illusion of a time not by far.
MFS its y’all season to step up ☝ as men no matter what got dam race you got to crawl.
This time you got the call we breaking history.
All men stand up claim some ones throne.
This our childrens visions.We gonna ride this bitc.. Excuse my french.
This time we riding there fucking waves in a twist of a mix of vibes of there journey that vision has been creating there.
Of a movement of tunes these days.
Salute to the Youth who’s made American strike a solution to resolve a world so code over racism.
Against Families of our kids no matter what race it is not change its history its our kids to see this crazy sound tunes as 1 sound your alarm. have a got dam voice if not our kids fall
from everything they bidder in there thickness of there none racist blood and blood of love for one another to believe sorry my expressions Our kids breaking history write in the mist of our eyes.
Wake up ☝also our wonderful women who gave any race or breed thanks the creation of mothers who’s join by outstanding kings sometimes wr get in the thought of another of a figure of just of a image of a body and you’ll leave the side line of your kids never forget the image of your kids and there mother is the gutter of your soul of love no matter what pain mother fucker was cost cash that shit in for a refund you invented this shit so listen

But you don’t hear me tho why’s the babies reach clear club but still unreachable

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